Winter sports in the great outdoors make it easier to keep to the rules of distance and hygiene and reduce the risk of infection.

In order to be able to enjoy a successful and safe winter season together, the following measures of our hygiene concept apply, which, depending on official requirements and regulations, can also be implemented in cooperation with the lift operators

as well as the DSLV (German Ski Instructors Association) can be adapted and possibly changed again and again.

With the observance of all the usual rules, which have become a habit for all of us in the meantime, winter sports are also possible in times of Corona.

The protection of our customers and employees is our highest priority.

1. booking possibility

Booking a course or a snowshoe tour is only possible online.

Thus the tracing of possible chains of infection is possible

We recommend early booking of courses, as the number of participants is limited.

When registering for the course, we ask you to choose the correct level based on experience

of the student to choose from, beginners, beginners with previous knowledge,

Advanced or expert.

Since we do not change the group of participants and the teacher, the

correct classification of skills is very important at the registration.

For students with their own equipment, the equipment must be

be adapted and adjusted to the student.

An adjustment and adjustment on our premises is unfortunately not possible this season.



2G-Rules of the course participant/client
Vaccinated, convalescent- each customer/course participant must bring the appropriate proof.

Children up to and including 5 years of age and children who have not yet started school are generally exempt from the testing requirement or the ban on admission and participation at all levels.

Students in an elementary school, a special education and guidance center, a school that builds on the elementary school, or a vocational school are not required to show proof of testing. Since they are regularly tested three times a week at school, it is sufficient to present the student’s ID card, a school certificate, a copy of the last annual report card, a student subscription or other written proof from the school. Students at the alert level are also exempt from 2G and 2G+, respectively. The exemption applies only to students up to and including the age of 17.

3. mouth and nose protection, disinfection

Wearing a mouth and nose protector (customers from 6 years) during

the course registration as well as in our ski rental is required.

Wearing a mouth and nose protector (customers 6 years and older) outdoors also during lessons, at the meeting point, when using the transport facilities (according to the rules of the lift companies), if the distance is less than 1.5m.

It is necessary to wear a mouth and nose protector when using the toilet.

Regular disinfection of hands (washing or disinfecting) before and after the breaks as well as during course registration and in the rental.

No shaking hands with other participants or our staff.

4. distance rules

Group sizes in the standard course maximum 8 participants / teacher

Group size in intensive course maximum 5 participants/teacher

At the assembly point, the distance of 1.5 m and the wearing of a mouth and nose guard must also be observed.

We kindly ask you to limit the accompaniment of the course participants (children and teenagers) to one person at the course registration and at the meeting point.

Keep a distance of 1.5m within the group, our teachers will pay attention to this.

Consistent keeping of distances to other groups.

Our staff will avoid face to face contact with clients.

If help is needed, for example after a fall or when entering a binding, our staff will turn away the face.

We ask the parents or relatives of course participants not to interfere with the course process and to maintain the necessary distance to groups.

Our teachers will pay special attention to this.

On the distribution of sweets as a reward or to increase motivation of

We will not be taking any students this season.

5. training of the teachers and our staff:

Our employees are trained in all safety and hygiene rules and receive correct work instructions.

6. course registration on site

Participants will receive an email 2-3 days before the course starts, with the time for registration or material distribution at our premises.

Please keep to these times so that we can guarantee a smooth course and avoid congestion.

There will be a separate entrance and exit.

Our staff will instruct you, please help us to implement these instructions.

Please enter our rental only after request.

Please keep the minimum distance when waiting outside.

7. rental/ski service

Please enter our rental only with mouth and nose protection.

Our employees will also wear a mouth and nose protector if the minimum distance of 1,5m and a separation by plexiglass between customers and the rental company is not sufficient.